Welcome to the British Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association website

We are a newly formed group/association.

Launched at the Martial Arts Show Live, 12/13th of May 2012 the UK’s largest Martial Arts expo dedicated to the traditional martial arts system of the world.

Unity, Friendship, Harmony, Preservation, Promotion and International Development within Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, these are the core principles by which we operate. Dedicated to the active promotion/preservation of Authentic and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Practioners of any and all Authentic Chinese Martial Arts are warmly welcomed to be a part of this unique association in the UK.

Northern Styles, Southern Styles, Internal Styles, External styles are all sons of the same mother as the old Chinese saying goes . Yi Jia Ren – one family – operate with the core principles in mind, not for gain or profit but for the propagation of Authentic Chinese Martial Arts. The association will operate as a round table of all members acting in the capacity of technical advisors.

Joining the association is easy and at a very low cost, there is an annual school or kwoon association fee of only £20, this is to cover basic operating costs.

Basic criteria for joining the association is:

All Instructors must have a minimum of 10 years continual practice under a legitimate teacher and system of Chinese martial arts, have received permission to pass on and teach their respective systems. We are happy for members to have branched off to run their own group as long as they have had systematic and progressive instruction for a minimum of 10 years in their base/core system.

We are able to offer insurance through TL Risk Solutions at a small additional fee for those who want insurance, or if you have your own and it is maintained then all is required if the annual association membership fee.

We aim to develop events Hong Kong style, ie Kung Fu Banquets as annual get together’s, seminars, competitions, gatherings. Members will be able to be as active as they wish in any events that take place. We will also look to host an annual British Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association Kung Fu – Lion & Dragon dance championships.

A database listing of all member school and styles will be available soon.

For further questions and queries please send an email by clicking the link below