BTCMAA School listings

We have started updating our school listings directory and are proud to welcome the first 7 Kung Fu associations as full members. as follows: Lau Fat Mang Wolrd Eagle Claw Kung Fu Association, Shan Tung Preying Mantis Kung Fu Assoction, Dragon Martial Arts Assoc, Nam Yang Pugilistic Assoc, Yum Yuerng Wing Chun Academy, Bristol Shoalin Wu Shu Assoc, Lee Shing Wing Chun Association.

We’d like to thank all of our new members and welcome all the new soon to be joining members who are currently applying. It is out sincere wish to create a truely unifified and central point of contact for all the many traditional Mo Kwoon’s Kung fu schools that are in the UK.


The British Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association